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In any event, one common thing anyone would need is seating and decor. Silvio's has been supplying events for the past 25 years, adding ancillary services along the way, so that today, Silvio's is synonymous for supplying chairs, tables and much more to furnish your venue. We simply provide a simple and professional service.


Our seating comes in all forms, styles and designs, to suit any kind of venue and any kind of event. In order to cater for all occasions, the company is constantly updating stock and what is in store is maintained in optimum condition, clean, sturdy and ready to go.  Silvio's is all about Experience, Reliability, Flexibilty, and ultimate Value for money.


Silvio's hiring service can supply a wide variety of chairs, chair covers, tables, tablecloths, table ornaments, bistro tables, stools, benches, lounge area furnishings, umbrellas, heaters, baby high-chairs, kids furniture, conference chairs with writing flaps, cake gazebos, gazebos and marquees, carpets, rattan furniture, led furniture, led decor and much more...


We don't simply supply - we transport, assemble, organise layout, disassemble, organise laundry arrangements and all this on a  24/7 basis. We supply for ALL EVENTS; from a simple birthday party at your home to conferences, concerts,  gala dinners, VIP events, weddings and much more.



Supply, assembly, layout organisation, dis-assembly, laundry arrangements.

Delivers all over Malta & Gozo. Round the clock service.

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